Commercial Support and Services

GOfax.IP is handmade in the GONICUS.Labs. GONICUS is a German open-source company with more than 16 years of experience on Linux and open-source solutions, which offers commercial support and services for enterprises and mission critical systems.


Our support-agreements are based on individual contracts fitting specific needs. Based on SLO our support is available during normal office work hours e.g. 8x5 and is up to 24x7. We offer a response time from 8 up to 1 hour. For an individual offer of our support-agreement please get in touch with us.


In order to keep the right performance of your system for your business we also offer customized maintenance. Our services include regular health- and performance-checks improvements. Please get in touch with us for an offer.

Consulting and Customizing

No matter if you are a current or a new user, we provide different consulting services to maximize your experience of GOfax.IP. Among our broad service portfolio, we offer a requirement and infrastructure check before the deployment of GOfax.IP. We customize GOfax.IP to meet your business needs. Just get in touch with us.